Detail of curtains. Installation of curtains made out from torn, dirty, useless sheets
2.40 x 4.80 m

Photos ©Angyvir Padilla
All the objects that surround us are charged with traces of life and anecdotes that breath and transpire in all corners. They are carriers of fragments of human existence, and are transmitted and accumulated by cause of time.

This work tells the anonymous story of multiple beings that once upon a time felt, loved and might of suffered of heartbreak.
In May 2014 I recovered a bag filled with bed sheets from a hotel close to my place in Rogier. They were dirty, ripped, unusable and to be discarded by the hotel owners. Yet I could not throw them away. How many things must of happened on these sheets? How many people must of set themselves free in them?

I wanted to show them in the state they were, just not as bed sheets but as curtains. This way as they are suspended they reveal all the various marks and wrinkles that are inevitably suggestive to the viewer but at the same time they create an illusory division in space that pretend to hide that intimacy that we cannot access.

Angyvir Padilla zAngyvir Padilla