Installation, in collaboration with Virginia Ramirez 
Newspapers to be taken by the viewer, lime blocks & texts
Variable dimensions

Images ©Angyvir Padilla
This is a newspaper publication result of a dialog with artist Virginia Ramírez for the installation 'An Imaginary of Displacement'. It features photographs taken by both of us analog and digital. They are to be printed and stacked for the duration of the installation and are free to be taken home by the spectators.
The action to register this process through a printed newspaper is an attempt to capture the ephemeral. As it takes form in a physical object, it is subject to be worn down and with time vanish.

The texts, written by Virginia Ramírez, were placed on blocks spread-out in an attempt to represent the need of building familiar places whilst in distance. All the elements are composed together in the space and creates a surrounding filled with words, images and sound that enhances the nostalgia of memory.

Angyvir Padilla