In collaboration with Sandra Lakićević
Double-channel video installation, color, sound,
7’ 1’

Images ©Angyvir Padilla and ©Sandra Lakićević
The video installation From ‘already no longer’ to ‘not yet’ deals with plural temporality of the medium and its impact on the narrative structure of the work. The work attempts to resist the linear understanding of the notion of time by challenging the traditional definition of the relationship between performance and its documentation (where the former ontologically precedes and, hence, authorizes the latter). The trivial, yet meditative performance with bubble wrap forms the performer’s subjective experience of time. As one performer attempts to follow the other, their perception of time, however personal, is influenced by that of the followed. This perceptive dependency, as well as the inability to sync the two, translates into an abstract dialogue – a narrative without narration.

Angyvir Padilla