Negative copy of vinyl made out of transparent resin, sound installation played on a 33-speed turntable

Photos ©Angyvir Padilla
I’ve always found that music often tells multiple stories instead of just a single one. That’s why sometimes it is easier for me to remember things through songs. I remember that my grandfather used to sing to my grandmother all the time. ‘Contigo a la distancia’ was one of the songs he would sing to her. My grandmother sang this song to him on the anniver- sary of his death for the last time.

After that, this song never felt the same to me. I had this strong feeling of longing while listening to it again. This feeling drove me to want to work with this song. I took the original vinyl record of the song and made a copy of its negative in resin. The remaining object played the original song but in reverse, it was now a different song that seemed to paused time into other instants of life.

This piece speaks of the impossibility to go back in time and the desire to revive it through memory. The sound in reverse is a link between present and an absent time. It creates a temporal line in space that repeatedly takes us from the now to our memories in loop.

Angyvir Padilla