In collaboration with Yoel Pytowski
Color wax and cement
2.5 x 1m

Photos ©Silvia Cappellari
Group show with: Aisha Christison & Jack Burton, Angyvir Padilla & Yoel Pytowski, Ekaterina Kaplunova & Richard Venlet, Gary Farrelly & Gilles Hellemans, Marie Sardin & Rémy Thit, Nils Alix-Tabeling & Justin Fitz Patrick.

Curated by Jacopo Pagin.

“From Bataille the condition of truth is an ‘avid will to be’, it’s blind intrepidity in the face of death. The agreement of the lovers, like that of the player’s table, overcomes the power of the isolated individual who is incapable of creating a world/ Hazard is the prerequisite for the meeting of lovers and for the fullness of existence, a fullness that is linked to images of hope and terror. As in the decisive hand of a card game, where consequences give a real character to sets of causality that would make no sense if the human whim had not chosen them”. Jacopo Pagin

Angyvir Padilla