Residency in collaboration with Adriana Genel,
Paula Mercado and Pedro Marrero

Photos ©Edgar Ramírez
Responding to the need to inhabit the house and “let ourselves inhabit by it”. La Macolla became an open laboratory where we explored every last little corner of the site and its surroundings. This is how, in a collaborative way, we set out to develop a series of simple interventions with the purpose of allowing the viewer various possibilities of emotional connection with space through architectural memory. In this way, La Macolla became a vessel to receive our reflections and our own emotional relationship with space. “A house is not a house” is a project that arises from the direct relationship with the house and for the house.

The main intention was to propose simple gestures that were associated with the vestiges and traces of the domestic space of the house through the senses, using as tools such as sound, video, light projections, and occasionally printed image, and text. Mainly with the purpose of producing ambiguous situations fluctuating between fiction and reality, camouflaged in the space of the house.

Together with Pedro Marrero, we initiated an e-mail correspondence in which I described particular spaces of the house: sounds, peculiar architectural gestures, anecdotes, etc. and to which Pedro reacts -without knowing the place- from writing and fiction. This sort of binnacle of two, reflects the poetic possibility of inhabiting a space between absence and presence, creating real or imagined memories through the process of writing.

Angyvir Padilla