Ceramics, charcoal and sound system
Variable dimensions

Images ©Silvia Cappellari and ©Angyvir Padilla
A group of ceramics appears like falling bodies, collapsing columns, fighting against gravity. They are sitting on a charcoal surface as if it was an architectural ruin or an abandoned landscape. Surrounded by speakers, a popular Venezuelan song, interpreted by the artist, is being sung to them. The lyrics tells us about a cherished forgotten landscape.

«Archaeologist of her inquiring subjectivity, Angyvir raises the mud from Brussels conjuring it with her obstinate mediated voice, sculptural voice that delimits the space of a ritual without bodies, flabby gaps accumulating cold air like the coldness of the bones that does not calm itself down even in the kiln. As a snake charmer, she choreographs a static circus on charcoal, containing an innocuous flame, except for the soul [...] »  Pedro Marrero

Angyvir Padilla